What’s it like to work in biofabrication?

"We need lots of different types of people and different types of skills"

Marcie Black

CEO, Advanced Silicon Group

There are many different career opportunities within biofabrication. Check out these first-hand accounts from people who work in a variety of different roles within this industry to learn about their personal experiences.

Career Profiles

Bioprinter Repair Technician

Taking things apart to figure out how they worked sometimes got Chris in trouble as a kid, but it prepared him for a job repairing high-tech machines.

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Biology Researcher

Hands-on learning experiences shaped Keira’s career goals of becoming a biologist.

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Director of Operations

Dave’s experience fixing cars lead him to his career as the director of a biotechnology incubator.

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Chemical Engineer

A knack for solving puzzles sparked an interest in chemical engineering for Edward.

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Staff Scientist

Sara’s role encompasses aspects of both biology and engineering at a bioprinting laboratory.

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Mechatronics Engineer

Leila's role combines electrical and mechanical engineering to build new technologies.

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