What problems could biofabrication solve?

Individuals working in a variety of roles within Biofabrication discuss the possible impacts the industry could have in the future

Biofab Case Stories

Biofabrication has the potential to change many lives.

Check out these Impact Stories and Patient Stories that explore how advancements in medical procedures developed by the biofabrication industry are having a major impact on individual patients and the way we treat chronic diseases.

Impact Stories

The Manchester, New Hampshire skyline

Dean Kamen explains why Manchester, New Hampshire is the perfect home for a new industry: Biofabrication.

A bioprinter printing onto a human heart-shaped scaffold
Photo credit: Advanced Solutions

Jay is working toward a real cure for clogged arteries: 3D printing replacement blood vessels for the heart.

A person holding a tiny biosensor ship between their fingertips
Photo credit: Alain Herzog / EPFL

Marcie discusses the development of a tiny chip called a biosensor that can detect cancer in the body.

An x-ray of the human body with the kidneys highlighted

Keira explains how manufacturing kidneys through tissue engineering will drastically change the outcomes of those waiting for a transplant.

Patient Stories

A photo of Luke as college student
Photo credit: Hartford Courant

One of the world’s first bioprinted organ recipients

Luke was only 10 years old when he faced kidney failure. Learn how an experimental treatment using a bioprinted organ saved his life.

The aftermath of an IED explosion - soldiers standing next to an overturned Humvee and debris

A second chance for a wounded veteran

Marine Sgt. Smith's vehicle was blown up by an improvised explosive device (IED) in Iraq. He almost lost his right arm, but a regenerative medical procedure has regrown his muscle.