Kidneys On Demand

“The kidney transplant list is thousands and thousands of people”

Keira McGrath, DEKA

Keira describes the potential for biofabricated organs to cut down on the need for donor transplants

How big is this problem?

  • 37 million Americans are living with Chronic Kidney Disease - that’s 1 in 7 people

  • In 2016, 726,331 Americans had kidney failure and needed dialysis or a kidney transplant to survive

  • Last year, 100,000 Americans were waiting for a kidney transplant, but only 21,167 received one - just 21% of patients received a life-saving kidney

  • 12 people die every day while waiting for a kidney transplant

Waiting for a Transplant

What’s it like to live with kidney failure? Shari waited for seven years to get a transplant. During that entire time, she received dialysis treatments three days a week to keep her alive.

Shari describes her experience living with kidney failure
A company called Organovo has developed a bioprinting process used in biomedical research

Clinical Testing

Even though printing on-demand kidneys is still a few years away, the 3D printed kidney tissue has another vital use right now: testing new drugs.

Instead of testing on living people or animals, pharmaceutical companies can use the living tissue created through biofabrication to see if new medicines can help treat diseases such as kidney disease.

Company Profile

A scientist working in a lab
Photo credit: DEKA Research


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