Teacher Guide

Ideas for teaching with Biofab Explorer

Welcome to the BioFab Explorer Teacher Guide

Biofab Explorer: Co-designed with Teachers and Students

Biofab Explorer was developed collaboratively with CTE teachers and students. Through this process, we learned how students would be interested in learning about this growing industry: how advancements in biofabrication will impact society, and what career opportunities exist in biofabrication.

Biofab Explorer is designed around these two themes; showcasing content that students prioritized in our co-design sessions.

The Goal of this Teacher Guide

Our goal is to support educators to think about how they can introduce biofabrication to students.

The resource guide can be used by a variety of teachers - from CTE manufacturing teachers, AP Biology teachers, to reading/writing instructors. In this guide are some activities teachers can use to engage students in learning related to this exciting and emerging career field.

How to Use the Teacher Guide

The content in this guide is designed to be used flexibly based on your learning goals. It is divided into two sections:

These activities focus on helping students gather information about the skills, knowledge, workstyles, and day-to-day tasks along with salary and required education related to a career in biofabrication. Many of these activities allow students to demonstrate technical or career readiness skills.

These activities can be used in the following ways:

  1. For credit or enrichment - students could use the Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) to earn credit outside of school hours - after school and during the summer

  2. As an enrichment activity for earning extra credit or scaffolding to keep highly engaged students active

  3. As a tool for students to demonstrate competency in career readiness skills and career exploration


The aligning competencies derive from the following sources:

  • New Hampshire Career and Technical Education General Competencies developed by the NHDOE Bureau of Career Development (2020)

  • Science and Engineering Practices from the Next Generation Science Standards for States (2013)